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Pastoral Care Counseling Packages

Categories of Counseling:

  • Stress/Anxiety

  • Grief/Loss

  • Relationships (Family, Friends, Dating, Marriage, Colleagues)

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

  • Teen Crises Prevention Counseling

Categories of Life Coaching:

  • Goal setting

  • Moving from Painful life situations and Loss to Recovery/Restoration & Purpose

  • Career/Family or individual Geographic Transition

  • Self-esteem & Significance

  • Relationships - (Family, Friends, Dating, Marriage).


The first session is 45 minutes and (Free) for an evaluation of your area of interest, for counseling or coaching, which will be scheduled after your paperwork is submitted. I also offer a payment plan for Session cost/packages - you can contact me for more information or book now:

The personal sessions will be conducted through WhatsApp, FaceTime, Instagram, Text, or Zoom.

Counseling & Coaching
Exchanging Rings
Pre-Marital Counseling and Wedding Package

Pre-Marriage Counseling Package with Licensed counselor (Pam Mobley) including, Licensed Pastoral Chaplain, (Tim Mobley), to conduct the wedding. Both Pam & Tim Mobley have been married for 41 years with over 25 years of Pastoral Counselling and Services of Marrying & Counseling couples from all walks of life and locations.

This Package includes 4- 75 minute Online Counselling Sessions that include an additional free 30-minute session for each individual, Bride & Groom. This package includes the wedding ceremony with Tim Mobley, with a 60-minute pre-wedding consultation with the couple.


As the Wedding Minister, Tim will be conducting the rehearsal of vows and walk through ceremonies & Wedding Day Ceremonies.

Wedding Package for above services, $1,000. (In addition, 'transportation cost' if travelling to the Couple's venue out of State).

Contact us for information on a choice of Wedding Venues & Accommodations, If you are looking for a venue in Cheyenne, including Beautiful Curt Gowdy State Park.

Pre-Marital Counseling & Wedding Package
Couple Hiking Outdoor
Spring & Fall 3-day Marriage Enrichment Weekend Retreats


The Rocky Mountains Colorado/Wyoming

Weekends - Thursday afternoon through Sunday noon, dates TBA.
What's included?

From $1,000/couple (depending on venue)

Denver Airport pick-up & drop off, Housing, food, group sessions, Individual and couple sessions, recreation.

Marriage Enrichment Weekend Retreats
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